Ace of Aces

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Ace of Aces
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Ace of Aces is a combat flight simulator developed by Artech Digital Entertainment. It was published in 1986 by Accolade, U.S. Gold, and Tiertex Studios. Ace of Aces was released on a range of home computer platforms. These were the Amstrad CPC, , C64, MSX, Atari 8-bit family, Atari 7800, Master System, MS-DOS, and the ZX Spectrum.

The game is Set in World War II. The player flies an RAF Mosquito, which a long range fighter-bomber equipped with bombs, rockets and a cannon. The missions include destroying German fighter planes, V-1 flying bombs, bombers, U-boats, and also trains.

When launching Ace of Aces, a menu screen with options appears. You can either practice or take part in a proper missions. If you decide on the practice mode, you can either choose dog fighting training or train or U-Boat bombing. In practice mode, enemies are less aggressive.

The game has five different viewing options. The cockpit, both left and right wings, the navigational map and the bomb bay (these can be accessed by using the keyboard or by double-tapping the fire button and then moving the joystick to the desired direction). In missions, you control a twin-engine balsa RAF Mosquito which is already up in the sky (need to takeoff). When starting missions, you choose what supplies you wish to bring. The higher the quantity the lower the maximum speed of the plane. At the end of missions, landing isn't needed and player points are assigned according to how many enemies are shot down, along with the amount of unused bombs, fuel and missiles. When missions are completed, you can choose to combine two or more of the other missions to produce a mashup.


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