About Fatal Fury 2

Fatal Fury 2 is a fighting arcade game released by SNK in 1992 for the Neo Geo arcade and home platforms. It was also later ported to several other consoles. The game is a sequel to Fatal Fury: King of Fighters and the second in the franchise.

Fatal Fury 2 Gameplay

Fatal Fury 2 has improved graphics and gameplay over its original predecessor. The play controls consist of four attack buttons (Light Punch, Light Kick, Strong Punch, and Strong Kick). The two-plane battle system from the first Fatal Fury has been retained. This time, the player can move freely to the adjacent plane by pressing the Light Punch and Light Kick buttons simultaneously for the "Plane Move". The player can also perform a "Power Attack" that will knock the opponent to the other plane. When the opponent is on the other plane, the player can press either a punch button to jump towards the opponent with a "Low Plane Move Attack" or either a kick button for a "High Plane Move Attack". Certain stages have hazards in the background plane, such as electrified wires or a stampede of bulls, and thus the player cannot change planes but can knock the opponent to the other plane to cause extra damage. Other specialized techniques have been added as well. After the player guards an opponent's attack, they can follow it up with a special counterattack technique known as an "Evasion Attack". The player can also taunt the opponent by pressing the Strong Punch button from a distance. Fatal Fury 2 also introduces the "Desperation Move" (or "Fury"), a powerful type of Special Move which causes massive damage that can only be used when the player's life gauge is at 25% and flashing red. The single-player mode has the player facing against all eight characters , followed by four non-playable boss characters. After every fourth match, the player will take part in a bonus round for extra points.


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