Mortal Kombat 3 (MK3) is a hard hitting fighting game by Midway Games and was first released into arcades in 1995. Like in previous Mortal Kombat games, there is a cast of characters that players can select to battle against other opponents. Mortal Kombat 3 retains the blood and gore and introduces new types of the fatality finishing moves, like Animalities. Other features new to the series are combos and a "Run" button, which allows players to briefly dash toward their opponent. Additionally, there are "Kombat Kodes", which unlock additional content, that can be entered before two-player matches. Mortal Kombat 3 omitted some highly popular characters from the previous games. However, some were added back in an update, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, which was released later in 1995. In 1996, the home console exclusive Mortal Kombat Trilogy more characters again, as well as additional new features.

    New player characters

Cyrax (Sal Divita) - Yellow-colored Lin Kuei cyber assassin, and second of the three cyber assassins. Kabal (Richard Divizio) - Former Black Dragon warrior. Nightwolf (Sal Divita) - Native American shaman. Sektor (Sal Divita) - Red-colored Lin Kuei cyber assassin and also the first of the three cyborgs. Sindel (Lia Montelongo) - Resurrected Queen of Edenia who is being controlled by Shao Kahn. Sindel was originally named Mushasha in the early versions of the game. Sheeva (stop motion) - Female Shokan whose loyalty lies in the hands of Shao Kahn, and is also the protector of Sindel. Stryker (Michael O'Brien) - Riot control officer.

    Returning player characters

Jax - Special Forces major who works with Sonya to apprehend Kano. Kano - Black Dragon thug who escaped arrest by Sonya and Jax. Kung Lao - Shaolin monk who seeks to stop what Kahn is planning. Liu Kang - Returning Mortal Kombat champion. Sonya Blade - Special Forces lieutenant setting out again to capture Kano. Sub-Zero - Rogue Lin Kuei ninja who fled the clan after refusing to be converted to a cybernetic unit. Shang Tsung - Shao Kahn's devious sorcerer. Smoke - Indigo-colored cyber assassin from the Lin Kuei and last of the three cyborgs, who was once a close friend of Sub-Zero (unlocked by the Ultimate Kombat Kode).

    Boss characters:

Motaro - A Centaur and the game's sub-boss. Shao Kahn - Emperor of Outworld and the game's final boss. Although the game's manual states both boss characters are unplayable, both Motaro and Shao Kahn can be enabled via secret cheat menus in the SNES and Genesis versions of the game. Noob Saibot also returns as a hidden opponent. Mortal Kombat 3 was ported to Windows and a number of consoles, they included, Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis, Super NES, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, iOS, PlayStation 2 and Windows. Find more Mortal Kombat games on Here


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