Road Rash

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Road Rash


About Road Rash

Road Rash is a combat racing video arcade game by Electronic Arts, originally released for the Sega Genesis in 1991. Road Rash was ported to a number of systems. They include the Amiga, Sega CD, Master System, 3DO, Game Gear, PlayStation, Saturn, Windows, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and was followed by five sequels.

How to Play Road Rash

The gameplay is similar to Sega's Hang-On. You compete in illegal road races and must finish in either 3rd or 4th place (depending on game version). You use race prize money to buy faster bikes and parts. Also you can pay for repairs if needed, or pay fines if you are arrested by the police. The game is over if the player is unable to pay for these repairs or fines. The player can fight other 'Road Rashers' with various hand weapons or simple attack moves or weapons from other bikers. The biker police can fight the player and they serve as enforcers by getting rid of players who fall too far behind the games other competitors. Losing a fight with the police or being caught while off one's motorcycle causes the player to be busted, ending the race.

  • TheGamesMaster

    Road Rash is a great retro racing arcade game

  • grahamjarvis

    Road Rash ! man thats awesome you have this on here. keep em coming



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