Sim City

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Sim City
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Sim City. You are the mayor of a new municipality, with the responsibility of building and maintaining an area where citizens can move in, work and live a happy life. Your first task is to place essentials such as housing, transport, schools, factories and stores.

There are 50 types, allowing for homes of all ranges and different kinds of business. Consider which sites are effective for which tasks. Some power sources will pollute your city, others won't but they are more expensive. Taxes must be raised to fund your expenditure, and then allocated to public services such as policing the streets and maintaining roads. Earthquakes, floods and fires can occur and must be dealt with to contain any damage.

Successful governance will cause a small village to grow first into a town, then a city and finally a bustling metropolis. As the city grows in szie, so will it's needs. Businesses may suddenly require improved transport links, such as an airport to expand trade. Housing needs may change as the population increases.

The Sim City game also includes 8 pre-defined time-limited scenarios, each having specific targets and challenges. The environment varies in each of these games and this should affect your choices.


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