Golden Axe

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Golden Axe
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Golden Axe

IMPORTANT : PRESS 4 TO FINISH LOADING THE GAME.PASSWORD Type any word to get through the password request page.CONTROLS To change the control input use the down arrow key to navigate to Options. Hit Return. Go down to Player 1 Control or Player 2 Control and use the right arrow key to choose Keypad, Keyboard, Joystick 1, Joystick 2, or Mouse. Use the down arrow key to navigate to Exit and hit Return.Keyboard allows you to rotate through the players using D and A. To select your player use the key S. Use the following keys to control your player in game:W - Up X - Down A - Left D - Right S - Attack Q - Diagonal (Up Left) E - Diagonal (Up Right) Z - Diagonal (Down Left) C - Diagonal (Down Right) Tab - Jump Right Shift - Special Power Tab + S - Jump Attack Space Bar - Pause Esc - Quit OptionMouse will also allow you to control your players movements on a track pad by navigating left, right, up, and down with one finger. Attack - Click the trackpad with one finger Jump - Click the trackpad with two fingers Right Shift - Special Power Click with two fingers + click to the right with two fingers - Jump Attack Slide one finger foward and click - Flying Jump Kick Space Bar - Pause Esc - Quit OptionKeypad would only allow cycling through the characters in the character selection screen with the arrow keys or \ key. No key would allow for character selection.Joystick 1 & 2 allowed for no keys to work and characters freely rotated in the character selection screen.CHANG AMOUNT OF PLAYERS Use right arrow key to switch between 1 Player and 2 Player on the top of the Main Menu list.LIFE METER To increase your Life Meter go to Options and use the right arrow key to increase life from 3-5.Special Powers: Male Human Fighter - Fire Storm Barrage Female Human Fighter - Fire Breathing Dragon Dwarf Fighter - Three Lightening BoltsGAME MODES Arcade: traditional style game play Beginner: easier traditional style game play Duel: player versus increasingly challenging enemies in strength, power, and number in a closed environment.NOTES: On the modern keyboard such a a Mac Book Pro, it is difficult to navigate the player and attack using the WDXA and S configuration along with Tab to jump and Right Shift to use a special power. Using the mouse as a control option had more utility and functionality.It is important to square up directly in front of enemies so that attacks are landing.The flying jump kick is effective in dismount enemies from creatures they are riding, and is also one of the more effective attack actions to use in general when execute properly.I was able to inadvertently flying kick once using the keyboard but was unable to replicate it. Much easier to execute using the mouse control.


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