Top Gear

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Top Gear
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Top Gear is an arcade racing game where you take part in high paced racing on super awesome tracks all over the planet. Top Gear marks the first game in this racing game franchise, and was one of the first racing games to be released on the SNES (Super Nintendo).

How to Play Top Gear

When players first start the game, they are given several options to choose from, name, a choice of four different controller layouts, a choice between automatic or manual gears, and choice of four cars. During the race, the player will have to steer and shift gears (if manual is selected). The player is also given three "nitros", which allow the player to vastly increase their speed for a short duration. The game features a save system using a password. Each password gives access to another country to race in. During the race, players must stop in the pits to refuel. If their car runs out of fuel and comes to a stop before the race is completed, the player gets disqualified.The Top Gear game shows a background digitized grayscale picture of the 1988 Detroit GP.


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